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Forgiveness Ripens to Gratitude-MC Yogi

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today is Father’s Day, and I started off my day at Hanuman Festival with an incredible class taught by MC Yogi & Amanda Giacomini, set to music by DJ Drez. The class itself was everything I always want in a yoga class: challenging but playful asana, music that helps you get deeper into each posture, and best of all, magical insights being dropped one after another. This is why I come to yoga festivals.  

As I progressed through the class I kept my ears perked up for that one gem of an insight to inspire this blog. MC Yogi dropped a lot of wisdom, but what really stuck with me was his explanation of forgiveness. 

In honor of Father’s Day, he asked us to dedicate the class to our fathers, or father figures in our lives. Even if we’ve had particularly difficult situations with these father figures, he suggested we dedicate our practice to them. 

On that note, MC Yogi spoke a lot about forgiveness. Sometimes, people (myself included) get confused about the whole concept of forgiveness. We tend to think forgiveness just means letting someone off the hook for something even though we’re still upset about it, or just saying “I forgive you” to make someone feel better. Really, though, as MC Yogi reminded us, forgiveness is an internal process. 

He likened non-forgiveness to holding onto hot coals with the intention of throwing them at someone else, but really you’re just burning yourself. 

You know you’ve experienced true forgiveness when you feel gratitude for the person and for the situation, he said. When you can say “that process was difficult, but I got through it and I’m a better person now,” and actually feel grateful. 

“Forgiveness ripens into gratitude, and that is empowering,” MC Yogi said. 

I loved that. Forgiveness ripens into gratitude. Kinda beautiful. 

He continued, “you can’t force forgiveness if it feels too painful. If you aren’t ready to forgive, you can at least have compassion for the other person’s suffering. The moment you whisper their name in your mind, you draw them near.” 

I loved the way he described forgiveness, and I’m sure the concept resonated with a lot of people in the class. 

For all the fathers and father figures out in the world today, I hope you felt our sincere dedication to you today! Our practice with MC Yogi was powerful and I know we sent out a lot of loving, compassionate vibes. 

Jenny Sansouci is the publisher of HealthyCrush.com, where she writes about nutrition, health, yoga and personal development. She's a certified health coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with a certificate in Food Therapy from the Natural Gourmet Institute. She works as a Health Coach for Dr. Frank Lipman at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, and she aims to show others that living a healthy life can be fun, pleasurable and delicious. 

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