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Introducing our 2013 theme

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Introducing our 2013 theme: What are you devoted to?

In today’s day and age, devotion can be a moving target, or at least, elusive. The world moves fast, and we are merely human. For some, the path to devotion has been clear. For others, it has been murky. Whether you are devoted to your yoga mat, meditation, family, or something else, acts of devotion serve as a pathway to the authentic self. The enthusiasm encapsulated in acts of devotion brings joy to the soul.

Many of us think of devotion as self-sacrifice. And, yes, this is part of the deal. When devoted, one perseveres through difficulties. One embraces discomfort. Through adversity and determination, one gains immeasurable faith. One achieves unbounded strength. The heart beats in a chest filled with love and courage.

Hanuman, a pillar of devotion, once told Rama:

When I think of myself as a body, I am your servant; when I think of myself as an individual soul, I am part of you; but when I realize I am atman, you and I become one.

Hanuman leapt over the Himalayas in an act of devotion to Rama. And sure, Hanuman was a deity. He had special powers. But so, my friend, do you. For some, devotion to their asana practice creates calm and strength. Over time, these qualities miraculously replace addictions to anxiety and self-loathing. For others, devotion to sangha creates opportunities for personal healing and selfless service. These acts fill the soul with joy and happiness where depression and loneliness once resided.

Devotion is the ultimate expression of love. It is the momentum of faith.

Enthusiasm has long been the cornerstone of devotion. How do you stoke your enthusiasm? For many, attending an event can bring new life to their conviction. Embracing your passion in the company of like-minded souls can help you move to the next level. Inspiration moves from heart to voice.

This year, we invite you and your enthusiasm to join us in experiencing the essence of devotion.

If you understand where your devotion lies…How can you open and grow? How can this festival of asana and community move your devotion? How can we move you? How can you move us? We invite you to come to us consciously. We invite you to sing, dance and play. We invite your heart to beat in the chest of love and courage. We invite you to be ready to raise your vibration, which, in turn, will raise ours.

If you are still sifting through yourself, centering your devotion…How does your body lead to your heart? How can the asana be the elixir? How can we stoke the fire of your enthusiasm? How can you stoke ours? We invite you join us in our search for the ultimate expression of love. We invite you to visit with your authentic self, as we converse with ours. We will hold you as you hold us. We invite you to raise the vibration.

Kaci Yoh has cried in more asanas then she cares to admit. She teaches vinyasa flow classes, and is grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn yoga as an exercise in experiencing herself and others. When not on her mat, she can be found writing, trail running, swimming, or somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Visit her at SimpleLifeGoodLife.com.

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