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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Being human, we all know tragedy. To varying degrees and in infinite forms, trauma besets us all.

Early in September of 2013, epic rains poured over the Front Range of Colorado. The resulting floods ripped out foundations, washed away whole roads and left over 1,600 people stranded, in need of rescue.

Moments of heroism arose; countless acts of quick-thinking and profound decency ensued.

Major weather events such as floods, wildfire or earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disasters offer us all a direct call to service, an opportunity to help in simple but life-saving ways.

When all the stuff is lost or ruined, we see how fundamentally grateful we are just to have each other. It becomes clear to see that community really is all you need.

Nearly eight weeks later now, the FEMA choppers are gone, and life for most of us is more or less back to normal. Meanwhile, for many of our neighbors the real work of recovery is only just beginning. The collective call to service is ongoing.

All you can do is all you can do. The Hanuman crew well knows the healing power of people gathering with shared intention. To stretch and breathe, sing and dance together is a salve for the many unseen wounds. All the stuff can be replaced; let’s first make sure that our friends and family are safe, happy, seen and heard.

With that in mind, a true family affair is set for Friday and Saturday, November 15 and 16, at the beautiful Sherman Street Events Center in downtown Denver. All net proceeds from this event go directly to Colorado Flood Relief. A group of those affected will be on hand to share their stories.

Friday evening, MC Yogi and DJ Drez bring you Beastie Yogi — a fun-filled class set to “Beastie Boy breaks and original b-boy samples mashed up with MC Yogi tracks.” Overheard at Wanderlust Tahoe this summer after experiencing this class: “Yoga is ruined for me. I don’t think it could ever be that fun again.” There will be a dance party afterwards, with Drez and MC Yogi providing every body prime opportunity to jump up and get down.

Saturday sees three different two-hour classes led by our local masters. In the morning we have the ladies of Yoga Minuti, Amy Ippoliti and Gina Caputo, leading a class titled “Transformation on the Edge.” Intended to expand “our capacity for patience, tenacity, forgiveness and exuberance,” any class with both Gina and Amy holds massive potential for tears of laughter.

In the early afternoon, attendees are to be treated to Richard Freeman hosting “Freedom on the Edge of Sensation: Intelligence and Ashtanga Vinyasa.” Richard is a true master whose philosophical expertise enlightens and enlivens the asana. Richard is a boon to our community, a source of vital wisdom, and not to be missed.

Janet Stone closes out the afternoon, focusing on “service as a ripple of love and compassion both inward and out.” And with that we’ll ripple out to continue doing all we can.

Ideally, the capacity of all we can do will have increased due to having aligned our bodies and minds, communed, gaining strength from the group, and engaged our spirits, readying ourselves to perform the urgent service to the world only we can offer.

We are one community. There is one love. See you there.

From Dave McConaghay

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