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Amy Ippoliti

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8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Intrinsic Core Flow, presented by prAna

A good yoga practice should help you move better vs. pose better. To move with ease and develop true core strength for a lifetime sustainable practice, it’s critical to initiate movement from your deep, intrinsic muscles vs. recruiting your main movers like the quads, glutes, and pecs.
This deliciously deep flow takes you on a journey through essential movement and flow while still gaining mobility and strength in the larger muscle groups. Great for those needing a more therapeutic journey through essential, but totally strengthening, movement. You will sweat!

Vinyasa/Alignment based
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11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Inversions: Upside Down is The New Right Side Up

Yogis spend a huge part of their time looking at the world from the bottom up - and what a healthy choice on so many levels! If you’re craving more upside down time, but want to discover how to perform inversions with more ease, grace, and power, then come on down!
Learn tricks for kicking up, balancing with and without using the wall, ways to open your shoulders, boost your confidence, and connect to a playful, positive spirit.

Vinyasa/Alignment based.

Open to all levels,
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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Hip Opening Earth Flow

Everyone wants to be free, open, relaxed and grounded in their hips, while keeping their knee joints safe. But most of us feel tight, limited, and stuck in our lower bodies.
Experience the euphoria of full range of motion in your hips through a systematic, gradual exploration of hip opening postures and warm ups ranging from pigeon pose all the way to lotus and even leg-behind-the-head pose. Come with a willing spirit and leave with an open pelvis!

Vinyasa/Alignment based.

Open to all levels,
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About Amy Ippoliti

Amy Ippoliti is known for bringing yoga to modern-day life in a genuine way through her clear instruction, intelligent sequencing, and engaging sense of humor. Amy shares her passion for health, earth conservation, and yoga with her writings for Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Mantra Magazine, Mind Body Green, prAna Life, and Elephant Journal. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, New York Magazine, Allure (Korea) and Newsweek. Her underwater yoga images with marine animals have been featured on the front page of Yahoo.com and GrindTv.com. A featured teacher on YogaGlo.com, Amy is a pioneer of advanced yoga education, co-founding 90 Monkeys, an online and in person school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 44 countries. Since the age of 14 she has been a passionate champion of earth, ocean, and animal conservation. Learn more at amyippoliti.com.

Teaching Style

Alignment based Vinyasa

Where You Can Find Me

At 90 Monkeys Studio in Boulder, Co and all over the planet

Affiliations & Endorsements

  • prAna
  • ToeSox
  • YogaGlo

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