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Dhvani: The Soul of an Experience (includes restoratives)

The confluence of soulful expression and skillful technique is the key to creating magic in any art form and it’s possible to create that same magic on your mat!
Dive into a full spectrum practice, touching on a variety of poses and restoratives using Amy’s impactful alignment techniques. Walk away knowing how to put your new skills into practice so that your heart and soul shine through every time you hit the mat.

Class Level: All Levels
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Make Like Ganesh and Love Yourself

It is human to feel down about yourself. Insecurities such as low self esteem and body image challenges are rampant in today’s culture. While yoga can be a powerful tool for building confidence, the culture surrounding yoga can often mask and even worsen these issues.
Ganesh is the most familiar of the Hindu deities with his unmistakable elephant head and pot-bellied human body. His peculiar stature and iconography is the source endless inspiration for self acceptance and meaning. This action packed, fortifying practice will teach you a lot about Ganesh, remind you of your greatness, and give your self esteem a boost.

Class Level: All Levels
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Peak Experience Round-table Discussion :How I Moved Through My Biggest Life Challenges

It’s impossible to be human and avoid life’s inevitable challenges and struggles. Although life’s curveballs are not always within our control, a good yoga practitioner receives what the world offers and then chooses how to respond
In this intimate conversation with Amy, she will share stories from her life as a yogini and how she responded to obstacles such as injury, loss, betrayal, and divorce. There will be ample time for meaningful conversation and Q&A. Herbal snacks and drinks will be provided by Gaia Herbs. Enjoy this rare and informal chance to connect with Amy and others on the path!
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Beyond The Yamas and Niyamas: Yoga in the Modern World, presented by prAna

Every yogi eventually passes through the doors of the yamas and niyamas - it’s why they are taught in almost every yoga teacher training. They are the pragmatic principles designed to guide our actions in a cause-and-effect world (“don’t steal,” “give credit where it is due,” “don’t lie,” etc.).
We need human decency and accountability. But yogis are ready for more - It is time to take ethics one-step further and into modern times. Amy will give you her down-to-earth rundown of the yamas and niyamas and then lead you in a full spectrum practice that will help bring you to the next level of grace and freedom in your life!

Class Level: All Levels

Presented by prAna.
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About Amy Ippoliti

Amy Ippoliti is known for bringing yoga to modern-day life in a genuine way through her clear instruction, intelligent sequencing, and engaging sense of humor. Amy shares her passion for health, earth conservation, and yoga with her writings for Yoga JournalYoga InternationalMantra MagazineMind Body GreenprAna Life, and Elephant Journal. She is is the co-author of the new book, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine and has been featured in Self MagazineNew York MagazineAllure (Korea) and Newsweek. Her underwater yoga images with marine animals have been featured on the front page of Yahoo.com and GrindTv.com. A featured teacher on YogaGlo.com, Amy is a pioneer of advanced yoga education, co-founding 90 Monkeys, an online and in person school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 44 countries. Since the age of 14 she has been a passionate champion of earth, ocean, and animal conservation. Learn more at amyippoliti.com.

Teaching Style

Alignment based Vinyasa

Where You Can Find Me

At 90 Monkeys Studio in Boulder, CO and all over the planet

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