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6:30PM - 7:30PM

Evening Music with Elijah Ray

Join us in the Gaia Community Tent in Sun Mountain Vendor Village for a heartfelt show with Elijah Ray.
Evening Music is included in your daily yoga pass. Evening music passes will be available separately in May for $10.
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The Power of Sound: Activating Your Voice ~ Claiming Your Confidence

In this fun and interactive class, Elijah will explore techniques and perspectives that enable participants to feel the power of sound within their own bodies. You will learn how to use their voice as a tool of healing and manifestation, and develop more confidence in speaking their truth.
Elijah will commence the class with a soundlight introduction to open the space, creating a safe and held container for participants to play and explore the hidden magic of their voice!

This playshop is designed for everyone ~ no singing experience is needed, just an open heart and curious mind to explore the extraordinary potential of the voice!

Class Level: All Levels
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About Elijah Ray

In the year 1980, in the city of Portland, Oregon... a star was born.

Mt. St. Helens had just erupted. A handsome musician, and his beautiful wife moved in together. Gone were the days of their time on the road, touring the country playing music. They were now ready to settle down...and so they did. And soon enough, into the arms of his talented mother and father, came Elijah.

In his short 34 years, Elijah has become A PRODIGIOUS VOCALIST, COMPOSER, MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST, AND RECORDING ARTIST. Elijah is known for his pioneering heart and transformational music that crosses an insanely wide variety of genres...from Acoustic Soul, Bumpin Funk, World Beat, Dance / Pop and Rock... to soul stirring Piano Ballads, Symphonic Soundtracks, and Shamanic, Sound Healing environments.

His shining presence, gritty soul, and message of love invite the listener into an experience of what it is to be "in the BAND OF LIGHT', and live a life as an embodied, awakening human. His spiritual messages of authenticity and the power of community have transformed audiences internationally, and many are calling his music the "soundtrack of the awakening." Both mystical and raw, Elijah’s charisma and musical prowess draws his audience into life’s nectar--spiritual, sexy, sweaty, gritty, and ecstatic. Elijah has single handedly crafted a full band sound on most of his "Band of Light" albums, playing most of the instruments and arranging many of the tracks himself. He is also keen to the art of solo touring--a troubadour with his guitar, and a diverse vocal repertoire which can on the spot create percussion sounds, horn sections, and basslines, all with his voice and a loop pedal.

Over the past 13 years as a professional musician, Elijah Ray has played, collaborated and shared the stage with countless artists and amazing friends and musicians, like Bibi McGill (Beyonce's Lead Guitarist) Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5) Graham Nash, Andre Manga (Paul Simon) Ben Stiller, Donovon Frankenreiter, G Love, Brett Dennon, Bushwalla, the Luminaries, Tina Malia, Youssouphe Sidibe, Tubby Love, Jay ‘Bird” Koder, Michael Ruff, and many more.

Elijah has been featured in documentaries such as Indigo Evolution, and Living in Light, alongside such luminaries as Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Matsuro Emoto, Doreen Virtue, Gangaji, Eli Jaxson-Bear and Panache Desai. He has cultivated an international online community, www.bandoflight.ning, and plans to continue touring, releasing new music and media content, broadcasting live shows, offering sound light sessions, as well as crafting workshops, sound-coaching programs, and community building projects to assist the New Earth to Rise with ease. And so it is. :)

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