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The Five Elements of Nature in Maya Yoga with Miguel Angel Vergara, with Musical Accompaniment by Judy Piazza

Curiosity and cosmology guide this exploration through the five elements of our universe.
Through mantra, mudra, pranayama, asana, meditation and devotion, we'll explore the Mayan teachings of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. A Five Elements Sound Healing Circle will anchor these teachings in our experience.
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Maya Totem Animals Workshop with Miguel Angel Vergara, with Musical Accompaniment by Judy Piazza

Embody the seven main Totem Animals of the Ancient Maya (The Eagle, The Jaguar, The Serpent, The Lizard, The Frog, The Turtle, and The Monkey) through asana, ceremony, rhythm, sound, and chant.
Experience this secret knowledge expressed through prophesies, sacred sites, and direct transmissions, now being shared by Maya elders to restore balance in today's world. Kat and Judy have studied and collaborated with Don Miguel Angel Vergara for many years, immersing in the Maya traditions and experiences, as well as in other indigenous wisdom teachings.
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About Kat Tudor

Kat Tudor is the visionary behind SunWater Spa, Sun Mountain Center, and the Smokebush Foundation for the Arts in Manitou Springs, Co. Her gift is bringing the arts and the healing arts together in inspiring classes, unexpected collaborations, and community projects. She’s been teaching art, dance, yoga, aqua yoga, and improvisational arts since 1979 in Colorado and around the world ranging from local happenings and installations (The Uncle Wilber Fountain: an interactive and whimsical fountain in Colorado Springs co-created with husband Bob, The Tesla Toaster), to international ceremonies (Aqua Luz: a planetary project for healing Earth’s water with crystals, Yogic Spirals for Peace). Most recently, she’s been collaborating with Miguel Angel Vergera, Mayan Wisdom Keeper and Scholar on Halach Uinik Yoga - Transmutation, Transformation, Realization - which comes from the teachings, glyphs, and secret practices of the Mayan. She is grateful to all of her teachers- Saul David Raye for his awakening of Thai and Tantra teachings within her soul. Celina Kaelin, for teaching her Native history and who has given Kat the name of Wa Kaa Wachak Pi Wee; or, Sacred Star. And Miguel Angel, for his teachings in bringing in the light.

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Teaching Style

Her teaching style is inventive, playful and personal, adapted to all levels and states of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She has been teaching art, dance, and yoga to children, teens and every imaginable kind of being for over 35 years.

Where You Can Find Me

SunWater Spa and Sun Mountain Center

Affiliations & Endorsements

  • SunWater Spa
  • Sun Mountain Center
  • Ritam Arts
  • Pikes Peak Art Center
  • UCCS
  • Colorado College
  • Aqua Luz
  • Yogic Spirals for Peace
  • Uncle Wilber Fountain

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Inspirational Quote:

"In Lak'ech Ala K'in." A Mayan Greeting which means "I am another yourself" or better known today as "I am you. You are me.".
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