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About Nataraja Kallio

Nataraja Kallio has been a student of Yoga since 1989. He is a professor, storyteller, and director of the Yoga Studies degree program at Naropa University. Seven years of study in India provided the initial foundation for his learning. There, he immersed himself in the contemplative traditions of Sri Vidya, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, and the Hatha Yoga lineages of Krishnamacharya and Swami Sivananda. His teaching integrates the breadth of Yoga, from its meditative foundations, to its rich history, mythology and philosophy. As director of the only undergraduate Yoga Studies degree program in the U.S., Nataraja focuses on translating yoga to the west in a way that honors it's roots and its integrative spirit. Nataraja lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters.

Teaching Style

Hatha Yoga, focusing on the integration of asana, pranayama and meditation

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Naropa University

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  • Naropa University

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