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About Nicki Doane

Devotion to yoga and the desire to share with and give back to the world are what motivate the teaching of Maya Yoga with Nicki Doane. Yoga is spirit in action, and as Nicki teaches, she inspires people to find a place of spirit inside themselves, recognizing the profound connection between the self and spirit.
Nicki has been studying yoga in India for years and has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. Her unique approach to Vinyasa yoga strengthens all aspects of your being through dynamic structural alignment, conscious breathing, and practical yogic philosophy; helping students find the deeper life of yoga. Nicki strives to teach each student that yoga is about being fully present in the moment and discovering that we are truly all One: One Love, One People, One Heart, One Destination – Our Higher Self.

Nicki Doane had a wanderlust that led her to India in 1991 to study yoga. She went to Mysore to meet Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and immediately realized she had found her teacher. Nicki started teaching in 1992. She cites Pattabhi Jois, along with Eddie Modestini, Gabriella Giubilaro, and Tim Miller among her most influential teachers. She is an authorized teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. Although rooted in Ashtanga, Nicki‘s teaching goes beyond the traditional. Her Vinyasa classes combine asana, pranayama, philosophy, and poetry. Nicki’s emphasis is on awareness: creating integrity within each pose that can be carried beyond the mat into daily life.

Nicki teaches at yoga studios and conferences across the globe. She is featured in two Ashtanga Yoga DVDs from Gaiam Inc. and recently produced her own series of Maya Yoga DVDs in collaboration with her husband Eddie Modestini. Nicki and Eddie live in Maui, HI, where they co-direct Maya Yoga Studio.

Teaching Style

Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga / Iyengar Yoga / Asthanga Yoga / Alignment Based Yoga

Where You Can Find Me

Nicki teaches primarily at Maya Yoga Studio in Maui. She teaches workshops around the U.S. and abroad.

Affiliations & Endorsements

  • Vinyasa 101 with Yoga Journal
  • Aim Healthy U

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Inspirational Quote:

"Don’t ever doubt the power of one person’s ability to create change. Life has always been an ongoing lineage of one person inspiring another.“
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