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8:30AM - 5:30PM

Thursday Immersion: The Five Elements of Yoga LIVE

Special full-day immersion with Saul David Raye, Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, Juan Pablo Barahona & Sreedevi Bringi. The roots of yoga lie in connection to the Pancha Maha Bhutas (Five Great Elements) that constitute all of the natural world: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether/Space. When these elements are in balance, we experience health and well-being. When they are out of balance, a whole array of physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony can result.
In this full day immersion, study with 5 master teachers who embody the wisdom of the elements. Learn to invoke the power and medicine of each element through the practices of asana, mantra, pranayama, mudra and meditation.

Saul David Raye begins the journey with EARTH, teaching the rooting, grounding, foundational practices of Muladhara Chakra. Sianna Sherman guides us through the fluid, creative, sensual realms of WATER and Svadhistana Chakra. Juan Pablo Barahona leads us into the empowerment center of Manipura Chakra and the alchemy and transformation of FIRE. Janet Stone teaches us AIR, the realm of the Heart Chakra and the circulation of life force energy. Sreedevi Bringi completes our journey with the infinite wisdom of ETHER/SPACE and the Vissuddha Chakra.

The Five Elements of Yoga is a comprehensive, yogic map to wholeness. If you’ve been feeling stuck in old patterns, this immersion will offer you a transformational shift to grow to the next level of your practice.

For more information about our 6 month online immersion into the Five Elements of Yoga, please visit hanumanacademy.com/five-elements.
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The Power of the Heart ~ Hridaya Shakti

Ancient mystics clearly defined the heart as the center of our being, the place where all polarities and opposites dissolve into the higher consciousness and awakening of the heart.
Modern science validates the incredible power of the heart yet the human heart still remains a mystery. Spiritually, the heart is the infinite quantum, space within where all polarities dissolve and we experience our connection to source as Oneness. This class will offer a deep flow of heart wisdom from the Yoga tradition, modern science and a dynamic heart centered practice of asana, breathwork, chanting, meditation and music with special kriya’s mudras and pratices for strengthening, healing and awakening the power of our hearts. AumHrim.

Class Level: All Levels.
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Prana Shakti - Soul Sadhana

According to ancient yogic teachings, Prana is the gateway to the Soul - She is Mother of all things, the inner teacher and gives life, sustenance and consciousness to all beings.
Ancient Yoga was centered or rooted in prana. This class will share teachings and practices to help us awaken and strengthen the flow of prana (life energy) within, connect with the living intelligence of prana and open the gateway to the infinite within. All levels welcome - healing prana based asana practice , breathwork and meditation.
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About Saul David Raye

Saul David Raye is known for his unique and transformational approach to yoga, and spirituality. Saul’s teaching draws on 25 years of study and practice in yoga, Bhakti& tantra other forms of universal light, love and wisdom. His teaching is authentic and empowering, it comes from the heart, allowing students to connect deeply with their own inner power and light. Saul's teachings are grounded in a deep love and respect for Mother Earth and the great Spirit that flows through all of life. Saul shares this work through teacher trainings, workshops, classes, sacred journey's and music. For more information, please visit sauldavidraye.com.

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