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Tommy Rosen

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8:30AM - 12:00PM

Consciousness is Contagious – The Path of Heart Centered Living

Our true power in life comes from living from a heart centered consciousness. Our heart sends signals to the brain that influence our perception, emotional experience and higher mental processes. Our heart is the primary magnetic center of the body, it is from here that we connect to our authentic Self and to others.
In this workshop we will learn kriyas, pranayama and mantra based meditations to awaken energy and create coherence in our heart and magnetic field. Consciousness must be caught. Come join us for a powerful activation of heart, soul and sangha. Catch the collective consciousness of love. Move your emotion into devotion.

All Levels.
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8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

The Wonderland of Your Consciousness

The practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation invites us to look within and explore the landscape of our awareness and being.
This kind of self-inquiry is a practice that leads to personal transformation, amazement and bliss. In this class, through Kriya, meditation, pranayama and chanting, we will wind our way from the outer world to the wonderland that lies within each of us.

All Levels.
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1:10 PM - 1:40 PM

Breaking Through the Frequency of Stuck: A Return to Spontaneity, Creativity and Total Health

True freedom comes when we are connected to our heart center and spontaneously creating our life with our thoughts words and actions. Yoga shows us the way. Engaged and connected in this way we are free.
Yet, stuck in countless forms of addiction and dis-ease, so few people know what it is to be truly creative or spontaneous. We are living in the time of the seeker and it is now too painful to live from distraction to distraction any longer. The solution lies within. It will be our responsibility to turn our gaze inward and do the work that we must do to be free. Come join celebrated Hay House author and Yoga teacher, Tommy Rosen in this timely, poignant and entertaining presentation.

Included for Passholders.
Nominal fee otherwise; purchase pass on-site.
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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Purification of the Chakras with Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller

Our choices are not random. There is always a reason behind our actions and reactions to life. Often, we are caught in the drama of internal conflict. Not aware that we are being driven by unconscious needs, we wonder why it is so difficult to find freedom, contentment and ease. The yogic key to dispel darkness, clear the subconscious and bring the unconscious into the light lies in purification of the chakras.
In this class we will prepare the, navel, heart and lungs for a special practice, known in Kundalini Yoga as "The Highest Kriya." This is the kriya for purification of the chakras. It clears the way for us to move beyond fate and to powerfully walk our path of destiny.

All Levels.
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About Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in yoga, recovery and wellness. He holds advanced certifications in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and has 23 years of recovery from acute drug addiction. Tommy is one of the pioneers in the burgeoning field of Yoga and Recovery assisting others to holistically transcend addictions of all kinds. He teaches regularly at yoga conferences and festivals, including Wanderlust, Hanuman and Sun Valley Wellness. He is the host of the Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction Online Conference and teaches annually at Esalen, Omega and Kripalu. Tommy's first book, "Recovery 2.0 Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life", is available for purchase through Amazon, click here. Tommy and his wife, noted yoga instructor Kia Miller, live in Venice, California.

Teaching Style

I draw upon kundalini and vinyasa yoga with a strong emphasis on meditation

Where You Can Find Me

I teach at conferences, festivals, workshops and retreats around the world

Affiliations & Endorsements

  • Member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher's Association (IKYTA)
  • I am a Yoga Alliance-Certified Vinyasa teacher.

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