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Trevor Hall easily exudes that rare ability to write universal songs that appeal to broad audiences in the vein of two of his heroes, Ben Harper and Bob Marley. The strong focus on love quickly burrows itself into our minds, even though the love he discusses is more celestial than earthly. Hall continually employs poetic metaphors to represent “internal heights,” the ability of each human to recognize their highest self, as on the epic track, “The Love Wouldn’t Die.” 

The singer weaves Sanskrit chants into pop- and rock-laced songs, he now feels that the underlying themes of devotion and community remain while he focuses less on making them feel so apparent—he never sacrifices his music for a message. Rather, his music is the message. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the upbeat “Brand New Day,” in which he confidently casts aside his former self to welcome new possibilities:

Shake the dust off your hands/And come run free on this land/If you want to survive/It’s time to wake up and sing/Put the crown on the king/Live your life/Wake up/It’s a brand new day

Join Trevor hall for a mind-blowing evening of music at the historic Boulder Theater on Saturday night, June 14th.

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