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About YogaSlackers Matt Wilson and Kristen Golden

Matt and Kristen, YogaSlackers teachers based out of Colorado Springs, are known for their dorky spin on movement based activities. Believing that we all have the ability to improve our health and live a more mindful existence, we are able to learn these skills through play and physical challenge. Matt and Kristen love to share their practice. Teaching Acro Yoga and Slackline Yoga together since 2014, Matt and Kristen earned their affectionate nickname, the AcroDorks. As same-sized acro partners, Matt and Kristen understand that anything is possible with a little bit of knowledge, determination, and a lot of practice.

Matt is an enthusiastic and goofy teacher with a passion for the physics and anatomy of movement. Matt started his journey with the YogaSlackers 6 years ago where he quickly discovered the power of mindful play.  Certified YogaSlackers Teacher, AcroRevolution Teacher, and Neuromuscular Therapist, Matt has a unique blend of technical and playful instruction which cultivates confidence and redefines possibility.

Kristen (E-RYT 200) loves to share the playful, healing qualities of Yoga through mediums both on and off the ground. Promoting strength and balance in the body and mind, Yoga takes us deeper allowing us to take risks to explore new boundaries. It teaches us we are able to achieve goals we never knew possible!

About YogaSlackers

If you’ve ever doubted that single day can change the course of your whole life, look no further than the YogaSlackers for proof. In 2005, Jason Magness and Sam Salwei were caught on camera doing yoga poses on a slackline at the Yoga Journal Estes Park event, and as of that one fateful day, the YogaSlackers were born!

Over the next decade The YogaSlackers grew into a group of over 100 adventure seeking yogis and athletes from all over the world, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, and more. Each person on this world-renowned team of teachers naturally seeks growth and self-discovery within themselves, and thus they are able to create a comfortable and fun environment for their students to do the same.

Dropping into any YogaSlackers class, you might find yourself practicing a traditional yoga sequence, or discovering the yogic elements behind various adventure activities such as slacklining, acrobatics, climbing, and more. You might find yourself realizing that your true potential lies way beyond your expectations. Who knows, the day you drop into a YogaSlackers class could change the course of your whole life as well. After all, life truly begins where your comfort zone ends.

Teaching Style

Slackline Yoga, AcroYoga

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Colorado Springs, CO

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