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Our 2017 Sponsors

Hanuman Festival is creating a community of like-minded companies and organizations through heartfelt partnership and sponsorship programs. There has been an outpouring of local to national support from the yoga and conscious-commerce industries. Vibrational qualities of giving back to community and pioneering positive change are a common thread for all involved. Our intent is to form an alliance which co-creates a celebratory festival representing the values we cherish in the yoga community.

Located near Garden of the Gods, downtown Manitou Springs and many other natural and historical Colorado destinations, SunWater Spa and SunMountain Center are an opportunity to feel peace as you explore the tranquility of nature. SunWater Spa is a unique and modern soaking pool facility, with a focus on the healing arts, Manitou mineral water therapies, spirituality and the local history of Manitou Springs. A stay with us is an opportunity to rest, replenish, and renew yourself spiritually as you discover beauty, inspiration, and history around every corner. 
At Gaia, we believe yoga is a lifestyle, a way to live on and off the mat. Our passion lies in offering online yoga and meditation practices, philosophy talks, documentaries and films to go beyond exercise to stoke the mind, evoke joy and inspire your spirit. It’s an experience of discovery ultimately bringing us back to the true meaning and magic of the ancient tradition of yoga. Gaia offers the largest library of high quality streaming yoga featuring some of the world’s best teachers to support and inspire your journey. 
  CELSIUS is a Fitness Drink clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn calories & body fat while providing healthy energy. CELSIUS is an ideal pre-workout drink and also serves as a refreshing alternative to coffee in the morning and the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! CELSIUS has no artificial preservatives or flavors and does not contain sugar or preservatives. CELSIUS’ Natural line is both naturally sweetened and naturally caffeinated. Available in six all new sparkling and non-carbonated flavors. CELSIUS, Live Fit!

Health-Ade Kombucha is bringing the best tasting and highest quality kombucha to Hanuman Festival 2016. Hand-crafted the "old-fashioned way"--the way nature intended--Health-Ade is produced in an all-glass process to ensure no plastic/metal leaching, fermented in super-small batches to allow for premium control over quality, and flavored only with raw cold-pressed juice from organic produce. 
  LaCroix serves as a healthy (and naturally delicious) alternative to sweetened beverages. A true American favorite for more than 30 years, LaCroix Sparkling Water is a best-seller among domestic sparkling water brands sold nationwide. Flavored with natural fruit essence, LaCroix is 100% all natural: innocent of calories, sweeteners and sodium. LaCroix is sold at national chains in multiple channels, including natural and mainstream supermarkets and specialty food stores. LaCroix is part of the National Beverage family of iconic brands. Enjoy LaCroix!
When you reach into your closet, there should be something there that reflects who you are, how you feel, and what you value most. There should be something that you can put on in the morning and confidently wear all day long. Something you can throw in your bag and know will work for whatever your journey brings.
prAna is that something
We create versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day. How do we know? Because we base our designs on our own experiences. You see we’re more than makers, we’re doers—yogis, climbers, and world travelers—and we use our knowledge to make clothes that look good and play hard. We like to focus on the details, and aren’t afraid to go bold when it comes to colors and whimsical patterns. We love to combine classic style with modern materials, ever mindful of where and how our creations are made.
  At Om Shanti Clothing, we want people around the world to live the joy by purchasing yoga apparel as authentic as its name. Our brand is mostly handmade, and our eco-friendly process helps conserve water and energy during the manufacturing of our fabric which uses non-toxic inks. The entire line of products are proudly made in the Miami area, of the USA.

In addition to Om Shanti Clothing, we will be unveiling two new apparel lines, Live the Joy and Urban Guru in 2017.

For ordering information, check out our website www.omshanticlothing.com
  Liquido Active is the new kid on the block for fitness apparel that is designed to take you from studio to streets in style. The quality and durability of the fabric combined with unique patterns brings comfort and fun to your day whether you are exercising, working, playing, pursuing your passions, or enjoying some well deserved couch time. Rumor has it that wearing our clothing will lift your spirits, put a smile on your face, and even give you superpowers!

Fully designed and manufactured in Brazil, Liquido is committed to business practices that treat employees with dignity and respect, and to being good stewards of Mother Earth by using procedures that have minimal impact on the environment.

Jai Hanuman!

“Everyone was so generous and kind and always ensuring we were taken care of…I felt very special being there…VERY much enjoyed the way in which presenters were scheduled where we all had the opportunity to teach and to be students all in one weekend. This gave us a very well rounded experience that only enhanced our time there. ”

-Hanuman Teacher