Festival Highlights


"There is quite simply nothing like Hanuman Festival.
It ignites your heart in a way that inspires you to realize
that showing up is the best decision of your life."
- C.R.

Enhance Your Festival



Hosted by Gina Caputo and Nataraja Kallio

The 2017 Peak Experience Package offers you a richer and more intimate experience than our three-day pass, filled with amenities and comforts so you can dive deep into a high-level experience. 

Connect with your favorite teachers in small setting round-table discussions, fuel your body with delicious meals, and raise your vibration with VIP-style access for the ultimate yoga weekend.


The Peak Experience Package is for you if...

  • You love the energy of large class settings but also desire a more intimate experience with your favorite teachers and community.
  • You wish high-quality breakfast and lunch were conveniently provided for you onsite.
  • You are excited to personally engage with teachers and ask specific questions in a relaxed setting.
  • You want a VIP experience at a reasonable price.

Elevate Yourself


  • 2 Thursday half-day immersions (morning and afternoon) OR Full-day immersion (5 Elements of Yoga LIVE)
  • 3-day yoga pass (Friday - Sunday, 3 classes/day)
  • 3 Round Table Discussions (see below for descriptions)
  • Exclusive access to SunMountain Sanctuary - chill, relax, and connect in our “green room”
  • Breakfast Bar Service (Friday - Sunday)
  • Catered Lunch with gourmet chef Jeff Jepsen of SunWellness (Thursday - Sunday)
  • Unlimited access to the Wisdom Talks and Music featured in the Gaia Community Tent
  • Complimentary mat check
  • Complimentary bike check
  • Special rate available at St Julien Hotel and Spa


Round Table Sessions

Connect with these expert teachers up close and personal in intimate and fun round table discussions. The Peak Experience Package includes access to THREE of these private talks throughout the weekend. 

  Evolution of a Teacher: Authenticity as Source
Join Annie for an intimate talk as she candidly shares stories of her teaching journey and wisdom on how to remain authentic when the path presents obstacles. Annie will describe the natural progression of being a student who trusts her teacher to becoming a trustworthy teacher. We’ll look at developing skills via self-practice, and finding your own voice as an authentic, inspiring guide. We’ll also discuss the intuitive process and trusting the ongoing inquiry that a true Yoga practice demands. Bring your questions!
Calling In & Cultivating a Sacred Relationship
In this round table discussion, Sianna is joined by her beloved Masood Ali Khan as they share their personal stories in relationship, how they called in their Sacred Other and what it takes to be open and available for true emotional intimacy. With vulnerability and realness, they speak honestly of the journey, their personal shadow work, and the practices that support them individually and as a couple. This Peak Experience is an offering of the heart with truth. Come be in a candid dialogue as well as chant mantras and sing songs of Love.
How I Moved Through My Biggest Life Challenges
It’s impossible to be human and avoid life’s inevitable challenges and struggles. Although life’s curveballs are not always within our control, a good yoga practitioner receives what the world offers and then chooses how to respond. In this intimate conversation with Amy, she will share stories from her life as a yogini and how she responded to obstacles such as injury, loss, betrayal, and divorce. There will be ample time for meaningful conversation and Q&A. Herbal snacks and drinks will be provided by Gaia Herbs. Enjoy this rare and informal chance to connect with Amy and others on the path!

The Yamas - A Foundational Way of Living Your Yoga
Take a step into Patanjali’s first limb of yoga: The Yamas as a foundational way of living our yoga. We clean our house so that the teachings can root and take hold in our relationship with ourselves and others. This is your chance to look into one of the most commonly misunderstood and underrepresented aspects of the historical lineage. Let this space act as a sounding board for your thoughts, questions and reflection on the Yamas and how they affect every aspect of our lives.

Discover Your Dharma: Stepping Into Your Purpose & Personal Legacy
Join Gina on this holistic exploration of your natural gifts, passions and what you think the world needs more of. As students of consciousness, Yogis are natural leaders in the essential cultural shift out of ignorance. But before we can activate change and growth, we’ve got to have a clear sense of knowing what stokes our inner fire and the common self-limiting pitfalls. We’ll jumpstart the process with dialogue and exercises to illuminate your areas of resonance and next steps towards activating change and laying down legacy. It’s time!
The Light Inside: how to turn on the inner light when life gets dark.
I have lived with anxiety and depression for my adult life. Owning several businesses, being a Mom, a friend, and an active member of the community creates a full life. If it feels like you’ve been backed into a corner or are lost in the middle of space, I have been there too. Join Mary Clare as she openly talks about the tools and methods to keep you safe and grounded in the midst of it all.

Elevate Yourself

Intimate Moments

Enjoy access to roundtable discussions with six master teachers, exclusive to Peak Experience pass-holders. Connect with Annie Carpenter, Sianna Sherman, Amy Ippoliti, Janet Stone, Gina Caputo and Mary Clare Sweet as they share personal stories and wisdom on their paths.

Expand Your Practice

Gain personalized insight and knowledge to satisfy your needs as a student and/or teacher. The Peak Experience Pass includes two immersions on Thursday and a 3-day yoga pass (Friday - Sunday).

Nourish Yourself

Enjoy daily nutrient-rich and delicious breakfast and lunch in the SunMountain Sanctuary, exclusive to the Peak Experience Passholders and Hanuman Festival Teachers & Presenters. Raise your vibration with unlimited access to the Gaia Living Yoga Wisdom Talks and Music offerings throughout the weekend.

Bonus Amenities

Enjoy a VIP-experience at a reasonable price. Complimentary mat and bike check, special rates at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa and more.


Leap Boldly